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SharePoint has an integrated help system, this system can be extended to include more help files. It is common for SharePoint developers to add their own help content and integrate it seamlessly into SharePoint.

However, creating and editing help collection is a primitive and manual process, it involves manually edting xml files, running command line process, manually copy files into the 12 hive.

Help collection builder from BlackCompass Software takes away the pain of this process. Using this tool, developers can build SharePoint help collections quickly, accurately and consistently, all using a consistent UI.

Help Collection Builder can also assist developers in learning SharePoint help collection building, for instance, you can open out-of-the-box SharePoint help collection shipped by Microsoft, to learn the insides of help collections. For this reason, some development firms use Help Collection Builder as a training tool.

There are tutorials available, please go to BlackCompass Software for the latest release, tutorials and other resources.

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